Chug for the Jug 5K Race


In Memory of Larry Heaton

July 25, 1957-December 9, 2012

The 7th Annual Franklin Community Bank Chug for the Jug 5k Road Race, Carilion Health Walk and the Kid’s Fun Run are brought to you by Franklin County Parks & Recreation. We are excited to present another great race in the wonderful town of Rocky Mount!

Join us Saturday, April 27th to watch your kids run through downtown, then line up for the 5k race for a chance to win a unique moonshine jug trophy, handmade finishers medals or join a team for the health walk and try for the coveted team trophy!

Race Day Itinerary:

Race Day Registration Until 8:30am

Kid’s Fun Run Start 8:30am

5k & Health Walk Start 9:00am

Post Race Awards (Follows Race)

Click Here for Race Registration Form (pdf document).

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LakEvents by Jessica at Smith Mountain Lake

1782563_625288744207987_945396135_oLakEvents by Jessica  located at 130 Scruggs Road, Suite 102, Moneta, VA is a space for the community to use for marketing their business, special events and other gatherings.

Mission Statement: To provide an outlet for small business owners and artisans to market their product and to also offer an affordable community center for special events and gatherings.

1977455_634751839928344_700694387_nLakEvents is an affordable space for the community. Whether you need a location to market your product or services, to raise funds for a charity you are passionate about, or to celebrate a special occasion we are here.

Available by appointment only, just call 540.296.4684 and let Jessica help you plan your next birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, team banquet, business meeting, club meeting, direct sales party, fundraiser, reunion, and more! You can also hop on over this weekend for a sneak peak at the facilites at The Easter Egg Hunt and Vendor Market.  See you there!


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Osprey Lay Eggs at Smith Mountain Lake State Park

By JIM GERHART – Friends of SML State Park

osprey_egg_1The eggs are arriving! The first egg appeared on March 31. The second egg was laid on April 2. A third egg is anticipated and possibly a fourth. The osprey nest is atop a pole and platform near the R-16 channel marker, behind the Discovery Center at Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

From the time the male osprey arrived on March 12, a week later than the female, until the first egg appeared was 19 days. This is a short time for the ospreys to produce an egg, which could range from 10 to 39 days. This indicates the ospreys are probably an older experienced pair. They arrived and immediately claimed their old nest site. The female was quick to pick her suitor based on his good track record of providing food for the brood in the past.

What is interesting about the osprey pairing process is that well-fed females are less likely to beg for food as is customary, or copulate with other males. This indicates that the courtship feeding ritual may be one way that ospreys guarantee long-lasting mate relationships. The male not only feeds his chosen mate, which keeps her close to the nest, but he also defends her and the nest site from other males.

The eggs on the nest are about the size of chicken eggs but are not white. They have a mottled appearance, which acts as a camouflage so they are not easily seen by other raptors.

The eggs are incubated for about 30 days before they hatch. During this time, the female osprey develops a brood patch, which is a temporary gap in the feathers on her belly. The skin is bare and has a lot of blood vessels on the surface to increase the heating ability to optimize the temperature to 100 degrees. The male osprey is the primary food provider but sometimes sits on the eggs. As the embryo nears 30 days in the egg, it begins to breathe from an air pocket inside the egg. It chirps to its mother who responds and encourages the chick to peck at the shell. It takes about a day for the chick to peck a hole big enough to exit.

This is the second in a six-part series of articles about Ospreys returning to Smith Mountain Lake for the summer.)

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Captain’s Quarters Boat Rental Rates – 2014

Here are your boat rental rates for Captain’s Quarters for 2014:

Address is:  16525 Booker T Washington Highway, Moneta, VA  24121

Phone:  800-388-9984


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The Cry of Christ Easter Drama at Halesford Baptist Church

“The Cry of Christ” Easter drama is offered free to the community for the sixth year with a chilling yet uplifting story

crySix and one half years have passed since the greatest disaster the world has even known has occurred. There is complete chaos and pandemonium around every corner. Loved ones have disappeared, while others are persecuted. Join us as we follow one fictional, modern day family among the persecuted and how they find peace through the biblical story of Jesus Christ in this year’s “The Cry of Christ” Easter drama.

children 2013HalesfordBaptistChurch in Wirtz, VA will be offering to the community the sixth annual “The Cry of Christ”, a fully staged and costumed drama. Each year, over two hundred HBC members come together to produce the area’s only fully staged Easter drama. Last year it was met with enthusiastic response, with over 2500 attendees across seven showings. Some groups in attendance even traveled from out of state to watch this community production. The production is a continuous year long work in progress at Halesford Baptist with the desire to present this unique drama to our local community.

blind begger 2013Due to high demand, two weekends of performances are offered. Performance times are as follows: Friday, April 11th at 7 p.m., and Saturday, April 12th at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday, April 13th at 3pm. The following weekend performances are for Thursday, April 17th at 7pm, Friday, April 18th at 7pm and Saturday, April 19th at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. FREE ADMISSION with seating reservations strongly suggested. The seating reservations and other information will be available beginning March 20th at Those without Internet access may call 855-529-9797.

ascension 2013Please join us for this captivating and remarkable recount of Christ’s story.

For further information contact

Rhonda Ellis – 540-537-0893

Sherrill Dunn – 540-890-1192




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8 Ways to Get Your Lake Home Ready for Spring

p1010723Tackle these small tasks (with big impact) and give your lake house a mini-facelift for spring.

1.  Clean all light fixtures, and replace burnt-out bulbs with energy-saving bulbs.

2.  Restore the luster of your door by polishing the hinges and knobs. Paint or stain the door with a color that stands out, yet also complements the trim and siding. Put out a clean, new welcome mat — and make sure the doorbell works.

3.  Snow and cold can wreak havoc on your walkway. With warmer weather approaching, take this time to patch cracks and replace loose bricks and pavers. Rent a power washer or purchase a chemical treatment to clean up embedded stains in concrete, stone or asphalt.

4.  Strategically placed plants can conceal unattractive aspects of your house or yard. Place large pots or hanging baskets around the stoop or porch. Bushes or hedges can hide air-conditioning units or propane tanks, and flower beds and window boxes will stylize a stark facade.

5.  Prune dead branches, trim back overgrown shrubbery and remove any obstructive plantings. Spread mulch or bark around trees, shrubs and flowers for a weed-free, well-kept look.

6.  Spray a fresh coat of paint on furniture and replace the cushions. Fill an empty spot on the porch or stoop with a modern bench or porch swing.

7.  Sweep the sidewalk and stoop, clear away cobwebs, tighten wobbly railings, and repaint posts and supports.

8.  Inspect your downspouts and gutters just before the spring rains start to be sure they’re clear of leaves, tree limbs and other debris that might cause problems later on. Clogging usually occurs at the elbow in a drainage system, where the downspout connects to the gutter. Since this elbow is relatively easy to remove, take it off and inspect for clogging.



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LakEvents Easter Egg Hunt – April 19th


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240 Vacation Rentals Available at Smith Mountain Lake

f214fa19-3e17-4f60-b793-ea6670b959ea_1Have you ever checked out HomeAway or Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO)?  There are 240 vacation rentals at Smith Mountain Lake available for a weekend, week, or just a few days.  Moneta shows 123, Huddleston shows 99, Union Hall shows 12, and Goodview shows 6.  That’s a LOT of houses, town homes, condo’s, etc.  Obviously, the vacation market brings a lot of business to the lake area.  These vacationers eat our restaurants, rent from our marina’s, and shop at our businesses all around the lake.  Where would we be without all of these tourists coming to our area! Many of us welcome them with open arms.

Have you ever rented through HomeAway or VRBO? Are there other vacation sites that you find helpful?  What do you look for in a vacation rental?

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SML Shoreline Management Plan Available Online


The revised Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) for Appalachian Power Company’s (APCo) Smith Mountain Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project is available in its entirety online.

Property owners, businesses, contractors and other interested parties can find the SMP at Also available on the site are application documents and a set of frequently asked questions about the plan.

For area residents who do not have internet access, paper copies of the SMP are available at the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, Bedford Visitors Center and at public libraries in Rocky Mount, Westlake, Moneta, Gretna and Bedford.

As licensee and operator of the power generation project, APCo is required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to develop and maintain a comprehensive plan that regulates use of the shoreline and ensures protection and enhancement of the project’s resources at its two reservoirs — Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes. The latest SMP was updated with significant community input and approved by FERC earlier this year.

Some of the key changes adopted in the 2014 Shoreline Management Plan:

•Revised parameters for vegetation removal and replacement.

•Minimum water depths for dock construction

•Creation of a Legacy Program.

•Provisions to enhance protection of the islands

•New methodology for determining one-third of a cove

Lakes-area civic or professional groups can contact

APCo’s Patricia Dade at or (540) 489-2564 to arrange a presentation of the SMP key changes. An Appalachian Power representative is available at the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce office on Wednesdays from 1 to 5 p.m. for general inquiries.

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Happy 48th Birthday to Smith Mountain Lake

imgres‘The dam walls were completed in September 1963 and the Blackwater and Roanoke Rivers began filling Smith Mountain Lake. Capacity was reached on March 7, 1966 and the lake became the recreational capital of Southwest Virginia.”

Smith Mountain Lake is western Virginia’s biggest playground and Virginia’s largest lake. The recreational opportunities are outstanding with boating and fishing being the most popular. The lake holds the state record for citation striped bass. Smith Mountain Lake encompasses over 40 miles, holds 20,000 acres of water, and is surrounded by 500 miles of shoreline. Full pond is 795 feet above sea level.

In comparison to other lakes, Smith Mountain is relatively new. Dam construction began in 1960. Like its older sister to the south, Claytor Lake in Pulaski, the lake was formed to dam a river and generate electrical power for Appalachian Power Company. The dam has a capability of producing 605,000 kilowatts.

It took six years and a crew of 200 to move 300,000 cubic yards of mountain forests to make way for the 175,000 cubic feet of concrete used to build the Smith Mountain Dam.

The first project was to build a 1,500 foot cable between the mountains in order to help move material back and forth. The cable hauled an estimated half million tons of building materials used to construct the dam. The dam walls were completed in September 1963 and the Blackwater and Roanoke Rivers began filling Smith Mountain Lake. Capacity was reached on March 7, 1966 and the lake became the recreational capital of Southwest Virginia.

During construction, an excavation was performed by Smithsonian Institute archaeologists. They discovered the Algonquin Indians fished and hunted here many years ago. Today, a Visitor Center at the dam, located just off Va. 40 on Rt. 908, is full on hands-on exhibits for children and interesting audio-visuals about how the lake was formed. A scale model of the lake is also on display.

Located on Rt. 122, just minutes from the lake, is the popular historic attraction Booker T. Washington National Monument. Booker T. Washington was a famous African-American educator and statesman. There, a working farm interprets his daily chores with demonstrations. The plantation was reconstructed to represent buildings from the Burroughs tobacco farm.

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