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Rainy Day Fun at Smith Mountain Lake

You are so happy to be at Smith Mountain Lake, but you just checked the weather forecast, and ugh…it’s going to be a rainy day.  Don’t despair!  There are plenty of fun things to do that won’t dampen your Smith … Continue reading

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Powder Mill Creek at Rocky Mount

I love bears!  I love teddy bears, carved bears, and live bears… that are behind a fence at the zoo!  I have used several bear statues and a lot of bear home decor to decorate our rustic cottage at Smith Mountain Lake.  Recently, I  had the privilege … Continue reading

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Smith Mountain Lake Pre-Vacation Checklist

Suitcases packed…check!  Car packed…check!  But wait…before we go to Smith Mountain Lake and soak up the scenery and the time away from the hustle and bustle of our busy life, we need to tie up the loose ends at home.  … Continue reading

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Everlasting Love

Each day our lives are full of stuff:  folding laundry, fixing breakfast, waking up the kids, making sure they get dressed,  brushing teeth, packing lunches, not to mention getting ourselves presentable and all before 8 AM when we start our … Continue reading

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Elton John Concert Tickets Give-Away

Elton John “The Rocket Man” is coming to the Star City.  He will be in concert at The Roanoke Civic Center on Thursday evening, March 15th at 8:00 p.m. Considered one of music’s most phenomenal performers, Elton John’s music has … Continue reading

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Ten Fun Family Things To Do At Smith Mountain Lake

The kid’s are screaming in the backseat, “Are we there yet?” or the teenagers are nagging you with “Why do we have to go?”  and you feel as if this road trip will never end.  Then, suddenly, you wind down … Continue reading

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The Allure of Smith Mountain Lake

“When can we go back to Smith Mountain Lake?”  This is my thought every time we leave the lake.  I don’t know when we will go back, but I cannot wait. What is it about Smith Mountain Lake that is … Continue reading

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It’s Boat Show Time!

I always love boat show time as it means spring is right around the corner.  Well…the Southwest Virginia Boat Show is THIS Friday, Saturday, Sunday (February 24, 25, 26) at the Roanoke Civic Center. Yippee!!! The annual boat show with … Continue reading

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Striper Club Annual Swap Meet

Do you have unwanted fishing items?  Would you like to learn more about the Smith Mountain Lake Striper Club?  Well, The Smith Mountain Lake Striper Club is holding their annual swap meet on Friday, March 2nd at 7pm at the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mr. President

Presidents’ Day, celebrated each year on the third Monday in February, is a day when Americans honor the legacies of the U.S. presidents.  The holiday was established in 1800, when Congress declared George Washington’s birthday on February 22nd, a federal … Continue reading

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