Boredom Cures: Things To Do When Snowed In Alone

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110415-w250h150Winter is here as well as the potential for snow and ice storms; and while some of us thoroughly enjoy being snowed in, others may start to experience cabin fever and seasonal depression, especially if living alone. If you find yourself suffering from such, here is a helpful guide from a fellow solo flier.

  • Prep a few meals

If you’re a workaholic and/or heat conservative, this could be perfect for you. Since I despise of cooking during the week, every Sunday I make full use of the kitchen by partially cooking several meals at once. A hearty pot of soup on the stove top, meatloaf with all the fixings in the oven while a savory roast with carrots and potatoes tenderize in the slow cooker. Now your home is heated and aroma-filled, belly is full (since you know you taste tested everything) and no stress about cooking after working a 12 hour shift later on!

  • Clean out the pantry/fridge

Didn’t realize that bottle of blue cheese dressing expired 3 months ago? Or that your local food bank could really use those 2 cases of Ramen Noodles you haven’t touched in just as long? Now is a great time to get organized while helping others in the community, so grab a box and get busy! Just remember to check those expiration dates and dump the past due’s.

  • Catch up on work

Egh, I know, who wants to work if they’re able to enjoy an unscheduled day or two off? But there is no better time then the present to get caught up on such or plan future events. ‘Snow Days’ for me are a perfect time to plan specials for Spring (think warm thoughts), send e-mails to over due clients (I’m sure some of you have a few aches) and search for upcoming charity and local events to participate in. What future incentives is your business offering?

  • Take a Spaah Day

If the above suggestion is completely unappealing to you, then why not allow yourself some well deserved pampering? Winter is the perfect, much needed time to replenish and rehydrate dry, lackluster skin; so treat yourself to an at home Facial or all over Body Exfoliation. Enhance your ‘me time’ with a warm, bubbly Calgon moment equipped with candles and a glass of wine (or Chamomile tea) and finalize your aha moment by immersing yourself in your favorite body cream and Snuggie. You will thank you!

  • Have a FTW (Forget the world) Day

Take your Spaah Day to the next level or just skip the above (most men do) and head straight to the couch! Silence the phones, turn off the computer and pop a pizza in the oven. This is the perfect time to watch that movie everyone else raved about 6 months ago or to catch up on all 15 seasons of Breaking Bad or Vampire Diaries that has filled your DVR. No DVR? No worries, Netflix usually offers a 7 day free trial so pass the popcorn.

  • Frolic with Fido in the Flurries

As Mom always said, ‘Fresh air never hurt anyone’, so pack on the parka and throw a fleece on Fido. During our last snow, Tragen and I had a grand time having a snowball fight, despite the fact that he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. The goal was for me to make another snowball before he broke the one I already tossed and before he ran back onto the deck. Needless to say, I lost the game miserably, but won in the long run since I had a pooped out pooch and some much needed exercise for myself. If still bored afterward, you could always mop the puddles off the floor and wash your wet clothes and towels you used to dry your doggy, but I vote to save that for another snow day!

  • Become a Photographer

There’s no need to travel far to capture a few scenic snow shots. From flurries sticking to a window pane, to icicles hanging from a rail, to your neighbor’s kid imitating Flick (the boy who stuck his tongue to the flag pole in A Christmas Story for you youngins); your own back yard can be a blissful backdrop. So grab your camera and be one with nature. Just don’t overdue it on the ‘selfies’.

  • Tackle the ‘To Do’ List

Since the old adage, ‘So much to do, soo little time’ doesn’t really apply on days when you are snowed in, you might as well scratch a few items off the infamous list. From Spring cleaning in the Winter to organizing the garage, there is always something to do when you have a house or an apartment and you might even be surprised that there was as much dust on that shelf as there is snow outside. One of my favorite things to tackle is the closet. Grab 2 boxes (or bags) and label 1 for the Goodwill and the other for disposal. Go through your clothes, shoes, purses, coats, etc. and keep the keepers, but loose the moo-moos. You could even make a full day of such and put on your own fashion show. Hey, that lime green top really does look good with those plaid pants!

  • Phone your Family/Friends

I’m sure every family has at least one relative that knows all the latest gossip or talks longer then a Chatty Cathy doll, so why not give him or her a call and catch up on old times. You could even start working on that family tree while conversing or find out the real story behind your Aunt Janet’s teeth floating in the Atlantic Ocean. If for some reason this section doesn’t apply to you, feel free to ask me for my Aunt’s number. Her new dentures arrived and she will be more then happy to let you know why Japanese soap operas are better then American ones.

  • Plan a Vacation/Staycation

You never have to go far to enjoy a great getaway. From State Parks to local lakes and landmarks, there are always places to go and things to see that don’t require a lot of money and traveling long distances. Why not go online and check out travel and hotel specials in your area and plan an upcoming weekend road trip? If you’re seeking something a bit more extravagant, then take advantage of the many discount travel sites, available via the internet, and schedule a sabbatical in St. Lucia. Maybe you can afford it, maybe you can’t, but at least your thinking warm thoughts on a cold, snowy day.

  • Find the Inner You

Unfortunately, most of us either don’t make the time to find our inner peace, are frightened of it or simply find it difficult or uncomfortable to be with only ourselves, relying on distractions such as work, t.v., other people or electronic devices to occupy our being. In such a busy, crazy world,  it’s all too common for us to neglect ourselves spiritually or to allow for mental clarity. When my son left home, I initially thought I would have anxieties from being alone. This was further intensified from the constant reminders (of others) that I would later suffer from ’empty nest syndrome’. However, upon arriving home, I heard the immediate sound of silence and felt the instant lull of peace. I knew, at that moment, I did my job of raising my child and it was time for me to enjoy me. I embraced the inner calm and still rejoice in having the house to myself…finally! So, turn off the devices, dim the lights, burn a scented candle and accept the serenity and the peace from within!

Stay warm and well,

Jenniferalise Patterson

SML Massage and Spa

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